Donald F. Hensley

Pilot Data

Mr. Hensley possesses 50 years of aviation experience, 3 years in United States Navy, 33 years with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and 12 years as an Aviation Consultant. Mr. Hensley is and has been a pilot for 45 years and currently holds several Pilot Ratings; Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor with over 4,100 flight hours. Mr. Hensley’s experience as a Manager for over 25 years included strategic and tactical planning, management of significant aviation programs, quality assurance oversight, traffic management, aviation security, aviation litigation/expert witness, runway safety and air traffic automation systems.

Area of Expertise:
• Air Traffic Operations and Procedures
• Air Traffic Airspace and OEAAA
• Honorary Airport Inspection and Engineer Specialist
• Air Traffic Control Technical Expertise
• Pilot Technical Expertise
• Runway Safety Technical Expertise
• Quality Assurance
• Aviation Litigation and Expert Witness
• Program Management
• Budget Analysis and Planning
• Personnel Administration
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Traffic Management
• Aviation Security

Mr. Hensley’s education includes Lindenwood College and Morning Side College: Course Work Business Administration. Completed (46) administrative, technical, supervisory, managerial and executive courses administered by the FAA. Pilot Training completed includes Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, and Flight Instructor Pilot Training (CFI). Over eleven hundred (1,100) hours of instrument flying, five hundred and sixty five (565) hours of flight instruction provided with over 4,100 hours of flight experience.