Donald F. Hensley
7828 N. Chestnut Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64119
Cell: 816-729-8720

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Objective: To remain actively involved wherein my experience, qualifications, and skills are utilized successfully benefiting those who employ my services.

Qualifications:Mr. Hensley possesses 50 years of aviation experience, 3 years in United States Navy, 33 years with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and 12 years as an Aviation Consultant. Mr. Hensley is and has been a pilot for 45 years and currently holds several Pilot Ratings; Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor with over 4,100 flight hours. Mr. Hensley’s experience as a Manager for over 25 years included strategic and tactical planning, management of significant aviation programs, quality assurance oversight, traffic management, aviation security, aviation litigation/expert witness, runway safety and air traffic automation systems.

Area of Expertise:
• Air Traffic Operations and Procedures
• Air Traffic Airspace and OEAAA
• Air Traffic Control Technical Expertise
• Pilot Technical Expertise
• Runway Safety Technical Expertise
• Quality Assurance
• Aviation Litigation and Expert Witness
• Program Management
• Budget Analysis and Planning
• Personnel Administration
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Traffic Management
• Aviation Security


Lindenwood College and Morning Side College: Course Work Business Administration. Completed (46) administrative, technical, supervisory, managerial and executive courses administered by the FAA. Pilot Training completed includes Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, and Flight Instructor Pilot Training (CFI). Over eleven hundred (1,100) hours of instrument flying, five hundred and thirty five (550) hours of flight instruction provided with over 3,900 hours of flight experience.

Professional Experience:

December 2003 – Present
Safe Sky, LLC

President of a limited liability company that provides a full range of aviation services to individuals and or corporations needing “Answers for Aviation”. Services provided include but not limited to; Professional Pilot, Aircraft Management, Aircraft and Pilot Certification, Air Traffic Terminal, Enroute and AFSS Operations, Airspace and Procedures, Airport Expansion and Development, Aviation Accident Investigations, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instruction, Aviation Quality Assurance, Runway Safety, Aviation Security, and Expert Witness in Aviation Litigation. Since 2003 Safe Sky LLC has been retained over 60 times to perform consultant, plaintiff and defendant work.

July 1997 to December 2003

Mr. Hensley was the Operations, Procedures and Airspace Manager for the Central Region Air Traffic Division. He provided daily supervision and guidance concerning the 2.2 million annual operations on all aspects of the Air Traffic Control and the National Airspace System ensuring that the NAS operated at maximum efficiency while maintaining the required high level of safety. He was actively involved in the National Airspace Redesign, Traffic Management, Airport Expansion, Aviation Security, Military and Law Enforcement Operations, Temporary Flight Restrictions and daily Air Traffic Operations and systems that support the NAS. He managed the “9-11-01” Air Traffic Command Center. In addition he was directly involved in the development of the National Runway Safety Program and the 2000 National Runway Summit that led to today’s Runway Safety Program. Central Region during this period led the nation in the reduction of Runway Incursions and set the standard for the Nation.

January 1982 – July 1997

Managed three large terminal facilities, STL, DFW and MCI. Rebuilt two major facilities, STL & DFW after the 1981 Controller Strike. Reengineered training, airspace, controller workload, and facility architecture, to enable one of the largest and busiest facilities in the nation to regain staffing levels to pre-strike levels in only 18 months.
Returned system capacity to near pre-strike levels in 4 months. Built new runways, developed new airspace and procedures, built new Air Traffic Control Towers, built Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities, and designed LDA approaches to enhance airport capacity. In addition, Mr. Hensley was the Quality Assurance Branch Manager for Central Region from 1985 to 1987. This involved the evaluation of all aspects of Air Traffic in all three operations, Enroute, Terminal and Automated Flight Service Stations. In addition, he was the Asst. Air Traffic Division Manager from May 1994 to October 1994. In 1986 Mr. Hensley served as a member on Department of Justice regarding “Delta Airlines vs. United States Government”. He served as an expert witness from the night of the crash, August 2, 1985 until the end of the trial and the judgment was signed September 1, 1989. Mr. Hensley was the first Air Traffic representative flown in to Sioux City Iowa on the day of the crash of United 232 and served as the initial coordinator between the FAA and the NTSB concerning Air Traffic services. While at Kansas City International, Mr. Hensley was directly involved in two major air cargo accidents and one Air Carrier incident that resulted in a NTSB investigation.

1979- 1982

Mr. Hensley was an Air Traffic Evaluation Specialist in Central Region and evaluated Enroute, Terminal, and FSS/AFSS facilities. Conducted extensive in-flight evaluations of air traffic control services focusing on lost aircraft orientation, VFR aircraft in distress encountering IFR conditions, and unusual situations. He was the originator of the comprehensive evaluation checklist that is used today by the National Evaluation Staff, AAT-20.

1974- 1979

Chief, Assistant Chief, Team Supervisor, at 4 locations, Sioux City, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, Spirit of St. Louis, and Kansas City International ATCT.

1967- 1974

Air Traffic Control Specialist at Navy Corpus, Wichita, and St. Louis.

Computer Systems Knowledge:

Mr. Hensley has a conceptual and technical knowledge of automation systems utilized in operating the Air Traffic Control System and in monitoring the status of navigational aids. He is also knowledgeable in office automations systems used to operate personal computers, network, systems including working knowledge and use of the internet, Microsoft Word CC mail and Lotus Notes.

Professional Affiliations:

Chairman Kansas City Heartland EEO Council
Director of Corporate Membership, FAAMA
President, Maple Park Place Home Owners Association.
Board of Directors, Maple Park Place Home Owners Ass.
National Flight Instructors Association (NAFI)
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. (AOPA)
Aviation Safety Counselor

Awards/Performance Ratings:

9 – Outstanding Rating Awards
17 – Special Achievement Awards
3 – On the Spot Awards
2 – Time Off Awards
10 – Performance Awards
Air Traffic Controller Association Certificate of Merit
AXO Spirit Award for Quality in Work Life
Administrator Award for Excellence in EEO
Associate Administrative Special Award for outstanding Accomplishment and Contribution to the Air Traffic Mission

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Award for Outstanding Achievement in the 1994-1995 Aviation Committee

Executive Director for System Operations National Spirit Award for Communications

9 National and Regional Facility of the Year Awards