Greg Golden

Mr. Golden has recently retired from the Federal Aviation Administration
in 2006 after a 31-year career as an air traffic controller and manager.
His experience as a controller includes substantial exposure and experience
in terminal facilities and limited ATC facilities in Flight Service duties.
Greg has worked at all levels of complexity in terminal ATC facilities
from low density VFR towers up to and including complex high-density
Radar Approach Control facilities. Mr. Golden’s experience as a Manager
for over 10 years included traffic management, runway safety, quality assurance,
training, airspace planning and procedures development, unmanned aerospace
vehicle (UAV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) procedures and air traffic automation systems.

Mr. Golden is and has been a pilot for 40 years and currently holds a Private Pilot’s
license with instrument rating. His pilot experience centers on high performance single
engine aircraft and older conventional gear aircraft. Mr. Golden’s expertise is application
of short field takeoff and landing (STOL) techniques for short, non-paved airports and landing

Mr. Golden has spoken at many pilot groups and meetings on communications with
air traffic control, runway safety and teamwork in pilot-controller communications.